The Diploma Programmes

Diploma of Anglicanism / Diploma of Biblical Studies / Diploma of Church History / Diploma of Practical Theology / Diploma of Systematic Theology


  • Build a foundation for theological education
  • Broaden students’ understanding of Anglicanism
  • Equip lay people for Church ministry


  • 5 study areas to choose from and gain a deeper understanding of the areas
  • Some subjects will be delivered online through Global Classroom
  • A flexible structure enabling students to have other courses that are not part of the programme recognised by Ming Hua as electives
  • Prepares students for further theological study, such as Bachelor or Master programmes.

Programme Outline:

  1. Students must complete 8 subjects (48 points) made up as follow:
    • 2 Compulsory Subjects (8 points)
    • 2 Core Subjects (8 points)
    • 4 Restricted Electives (32 points)
  2. Final essay in selected study area of 3500 words

Admission Requirements:

Graduated from Secondary School; OR
5 years or above working experience


Application Fee: HK$200 (one off)
Tuition Fee: HK$700 (4-point subject); HK$1,400 (8-point subject)
Audit Fee:
HK$400 (4-point subject); HK$800 (8-point subject)
HK$180 (Single lesson)

Enrolment & Enquiries:

Phone              (852) 2521 7708
WhatsApp       (852) 9640 2283


1 - 2 years

HK$700(4 points) HK$1400(8 points)

8 subjects

About Us

MING HUA is the theological college of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, the Province of Hong Kong in the Anglican Communion.

The College has been serving the Church for more than sixty-five years, beginning life as an institution dedicated to supporting the education of poor and under-privileged members of Hong Kong’s lay Chinese communities.

Today we honour this tradition, renewing our commitment to work for the training and education of all members of God’s Church in Hong Kong and Macau, thereby articulating the vision of our Archbishop and bishops as well as the values and beliefs of the entire Catholic and Apostolic Church.


Our faculty, with local and international backgrounds, offer advanced training in many aspects of Theological Studies.


Want to learn more before applying

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