Diploma of Theology

Course Structure

1. Coursework Phase (5 subjects, 50 credits):

      • Anglicanism (10 credits)
      • Church History (10 credits)
      • Biblical Studies (10 credits)
      • Introduction to History of Christian Thought (10 credits)
      • Christian Ministry (10 credits)

2. Final Essay Writing Phase (2 subjects, 10 credits):

    • Writing Skill (2 credits)
    •  Final Essay (8 credits)


Anglicanism (10 credits)


  • What Church are we?


  • A Historical Church
  • An Institutional Church
  • A Holy Catholic Church
  • A Worshipping Church
  • A Church with Mission

Church History (10 credits)


  • Study the philosophy of history and the historical development of the church


  • The philosophy of history: The importance of History in Theology
  • The development of doctrine in the Early Church
  • The writings of the Church Fathers: the importance of the Patristic Era
  • The East–West Schism: the Great Schism of 1054 between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches
  • The Reformation: reform and schism
  • The English Reformation: Protestant thinking and the Prayer Book tradition
  • The historical development of the worldwide Anglican Communion
  • The missionary history of the church in China
  • The establishment and development of the Chung Hua Sheng Kung Hui
  • An introductory history of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui

Biblical Studies (10 credits)


  • Old Testament Overview
  • Pentateuch
  • Historical Books
  • Prophetic Literature
  • Psalm and Wisdom Literature
  • Apocryphal Overview
  • New Testament Overview
  • Synoptic Gospel
  • Johannine Literature
  • Pauline Epistles

Introduction to History of Christian Thought (10 credits)


  • The Teaching of Early Church
  • Heresies and Apologetic
  • Doctrines developed in Ecumenical Councils
  • Monasticism and Spiritual Tradition
  • Scholasticism
  • Eastern Spirituality
  • Theological Development in Reformation
  • The Anglican Way
  • Contemporary Development of Theology
  • The Future and Challenge of Theology

Christian Ministry (10 credits)


  • Spiritual Growth
  • Worship and Liturgy
  • A Serving Life
  • Mission
  • Caring and Companionship
  • Christian Ethics
  • Christian Education
  • Social Care and Services
  • Church System and Administration
  • Healthy Church

Entry Requirement

• Graduated from Secondary School; OR
• 5 years or above working experience


• 1 to 2 years (can extend one more year with Extension Fee of HK$1,000)


• Application Fee: HK$200 (one off)
• Tuition Fee: HK$2,000 per subject
• Audit Fee: HK$1,200 per subject

Ways of Teaching

• Face to face teaching
• Online platform (for overseas students only)


• Cantonese

Enrolment & Enquiries:

Phone: (852) 2521 7708
Email: admission@minghua.edu.hk
WhatsApp: (852) 9530 7241


1 - 2 years

HK$2,000 per subject

7 subjects

About Us

MING HUA is the theological college of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, the Province of Hong Kong in the Anglican Communion.

The College has been serving the Church for more than sixty-five years, beginning life as an institution dedicated to supporting the education of poor and under-privileged members of Hong Kong’s lay Chinese communities.

Today we honour this tradition, renewing our commitment to work for the training and education of all members of God’s Church in Hong Kong and Macau, thereby articulating the vision of our Archbishop and bishops as well as the values and beliefs of the entire Catholic and Apostolic Church.


Our faculty, with local and international backgrounds, offer advanced training in many aspects of Theological Studies.


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