Master of Theology

(In partnership with Charles Sturt University)

Visions The course offers depth and breadth in theological education. It provides advanced critical knowledge and skills in the theological disciplines, and their application to contemporary society and church.

+ Highly qualified lecturers help guide through the path of study, especially in dissertation and research

+ Library resources are extensive, accessible and comprehensive

+ A holistic approach to theological education. The provision of a pathway to research studies in theology


The Master of Theology consists of 5 or 6 subjects (96 points). Students can choose between a Coursework or a Research option:

  1. Coursework option (6 subjects)
    Students should complete the compulsory subject, THL501 Guided Research (16 points), plus 5 restricted electives (80 points).
  2. Research option (5 subjects)
    Students should complete two compulsory subjects, THL514 Theological Hermeneutics (16 points) and THL605 Theology Masters Coursework Dissertation (32 points), plus 3 restricted electives (48 points) including THL501 Guided Research.

All students must choose at least two electives (32 points) from one discipline area (Biblical Studies / Systematic Theology / Church History / Practical Theology).


Restricted Electives
Biblical Studies
THL511 Contemporary Approaches to Biblical Studies (16)
THL517 Advanced Biblical Exegesis (16)
THL535 Seminar in Biblical and Theological Interpretation (16)

Systematic Theology
THL506 Christian Ethics (16)
THL512 Contemporary Theology in a Global Context (16)
THL542 Political Theology (16)
THL544 Theology and Spirituality in Contemporary Engagement (16)
THL545 Classic Texts in Christian Theology (16)

Church History
THL513 Church History Methodology (16)
THL533 The Philosophy of Religious History (16)
THL556 History of Christianity in China (16)

Practical Theology
THL518 Studies in Liturgy and Worship (16)
THL519 Contemporary Issues in Practical Theology (16)

Compulsory Subjects
THL501 Guided Research (16)
THL514 Theological Hermeneutics (16)
THL605 Theology Masters Coursework Dissertation (32)

The above subjects are subjected to change and availabilities.

Duration 1.5 to 3 years
Subject Fee HK$15,225 / 16-point Subject
HK$30,450 / 32-point Subject
Ways of
Face to face teaching, online platform
Language Cantonese, English, Putonghua
Financial Aid The courses are eligible courses under the “Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme” (ENLS).

The above course is a registered course (Reg. No. 212741) under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance (Chapter 493). It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.